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Customer Testimonials

"Beautiful arrangements. Excellent quality and design. Orchids are my favourite and these will last a lifetime! I really appreciate the local work and the reasonable price point. Will be passing onto family and friends! "

- Denise

"I have long admired Diana's beautiful arrangements and own a couple. Both are orchids and my favourite is the lifelike three strands of orchids with rocks and moss in the base. Its sits on my dining room table and is a lovely focal point. Everyone is certain it is real. Diana's artistry and passion in creating arrangements comes through in each piece that she designs."

- Cynda Y.

" I am very happy with the additions you looks beautiful in my bedroom. I have done a lot of sewing in my bedroom (I'm no seamstress) and that's why I am so proud of the finished look. Thanks again." 

- Mary M.

" Beautifully displayed permanent florals! Diana has an "eye" for colour and balance. I have several of her creations in my home and they add a serene feeling to my surroundings."

 - Shelley Lee, music teacher

" I have dealt with Diana for twenty years and she has created many custom design pieces for me. They have all been stunning, unique and top quality pieces. She takes great pride and care in her work and each of her creations reflect her passion for design."

- Barb C., Co-Ordinator of JMP Marketing

"I know Mrs. Lee from her daughter, Shelley, who teaches me piano. Mrs. Lee has been making these masterpieces for years, so when my company decided to move offices, and when I decided to renovate my room, I found that I needed some sort of decor. Mrs. Lee was nice enough to make a STUNNING cactus arrangement, and when I picked up the very realistic looking plant, I decided to peruse the rest of her inventory. After looking at the huge selection, I decided to pick up an orchid, and 3 additional cactus plants. They are all absolutely gorgeous and crafted with beautiful materials and vases. I am extremely happy with my purchase as it will compliment my modern workplace and my room. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! "

- Alex

"I have been a friend of Diana's for 40 years and she does exceptional work. I have a hanging arrangement that she did for my mother approx. 20 years ago and it looks as good as the day she did it. I would not hesitate to give her arrangements as gifts to my friends and family. I have several in my house and I think Diana does the best I have ever seen."

- Teresa

"Thank you for the orchids which now grace three of my rooms. It was a joy to be able to choose from so many amazing arrangements, each one with its own personality, put together with so much care and artistry. On the way up to my apartment with my latest acquisition in hand, the person sharing my elevator commented, "How beautiful ... and they last so long"! "

-Dawn From PoMo

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